Global Perspectives Coaching is a boutique coaching practice in the Washington, DC area. We partner with clients in the private and public sectors, diplomatic corps, multilateral organizations, nonprofits, and NGOs in the US and abroad.  

The company name – Global Perspectives – refers to our comprehensive assessment of a client’s internal and external worlds and identification of underlying patterns and limiting beliefs that hinder them from fully actualizing their purpose and mission in their professional and personal lives. Through coaching, clients challenge their own assumptions and begin practicing new behaviors and actions, thus disrupting entrenched habits and changing the status quo. Read some client testimonials describing the impact of coaching.

Clients discover that authentic power is based in trust, not control. They learn to lead and inspire others with the love and intuitive wisdom in the heart, not from positional authority, title, and ego. Shifting into new ways of resonating with others galvanizes an expanded vision of what is possible. Already highly successful in their careers, clients now pursue their highest, true purpose and create enduring legacies in their businesses and through service and philanthropy. 

The Global Perspectives moniker also alludes to the 'wayfinder' and globetrotting experiences of its founder and clients, and the multicultural communities in which they contribute and thrive.  

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