Global Perspectives Coaching’s confidential client list includes individuals and organizations committed to transforming the world. We partner with game changers, avant-garde entrepreneurs, diplomats, Global 100 and Fortune 500 C-suite executives, political appointees, top-tier government administrators, and visionaries guiding national and global nonprofit and non-governmental organizations.  

New clients are usually referred by former or current clientele. 


Client testimonials on the impact of coaching:

“Excellent coaching sessions. I truly benefited from the experience, which allowed me to recognize my priorities and values and make decisions based on those values and how to prioritize those values.  Coaching allowed me to be aware of choices in my life and making deliberate and intentional choices. How do I want to invest my time and energy, both at work and home? I discovered that coaching is about taking action. Translating intentions and choices into actions. As a result, I created a plan for my life with larger goals. I broke down those goals into smaller, achievable, and measurable actions that allowed me to work toward those larger goals. I learned to honor impulses in life that were consistent with my core values. 
Bottom line is that I believe I am leading and living a richer life, where I am more productive at work and more fulfilled in other domains of my life.  Excellent coaching experience!” – Senior Executive Service Leader/Regional Counsel, Office of the General Counsel, Department of Veterans Affairs
“I would highly recommend Elsie Chang as a coach. When she coached me, she was extremely professional, and knowledgeable of her field. I was really struggling with whether to change my career path, and unhappy with my job. I found my time with her very enlightening. Her coaching provided me with clear focus on where my strengths are and what I should consider as I evaluate my career options both within the company I currently work for, as well as considerations for future employment opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. Her coaching style is very calm and methodical. The questions she asked me were thought-provoking and ultimately led to an analysis of what I should consider in future employment to create more job satisfaction and overall happiness. I would highly recommend her for your organization. She is passionate about this field and helping people, and would serve as a great addition to your team.” – Executive, Fortune 200 company
 “Elsie was a wonderful sounding board for me in understanding the Booz Allen Hamilton culture and in thinking about what I might consider.  She gave me excellent insights into how the culture works there, and how one might navigate the system to succeed, or alternatively, to evaluate the culture and one’s own value system to determine whether or not they were consistent.  Elsie is an excellent listener, and provided coaching which enabled me to determine what was most important for me. Working at Booz Allen was a learning experience, and Elsie helped me to understand what worked and what did not for me, especially with respect to personal value systems.” – Former Senior Executive Service US Government Leader and Subject Matter Expert, Booz Allen Hamilton
“Elsie is an outstanding coach. She is unwavering in her wisdom, intuition and patience which have enabled her to produce extraordinary results with her executive clients as she has done in her own life.  Elsie has helped me breathe new life into old mental models leading to endless “ah ha” moments and the emergence of new possibilities which have been transformational. Her uncompromising beliefs and passion keep me focused on my values and what’s important to me, the basis from which I live my life.  She is brilliant!” – Small Business Owner
“Elsie has played a significant role in elevating my abilities as a professional and a leader. By taking initiative and being responsive to my professional growth, she showed me the value of proactive coaching and mentoring, and how vital it is in developing young leaders. In her consistently direct coaching to me, she showed me the value of honestly confronting my personal strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, in challenging my assumptions about myself, Elsie taught me how to re-evaluate what truly constitutes success and failure. Her approach to professional coaching left me with an enduring sense of personal and professional awareness. I encourage you to seize this opportunity to include Elsie Chang and her perspective in your organization – the professional landscape is simply better with people like her coaching its leaders.” – Emerging Leader, Fortune 200 company
“I am still in the early phases of my coaching with Elsie, but have been blown away at the progress we have made in a short time.  Elsie has the right combination of experience and study of coaching techniques and the personal touch that brings those to life.  I am in a very chaotic place in my life and needed help coming back to my center.  My first session with Elsie was working on my life purpose statement, and she gently but capably led me through the questions and suggestions that drew from my inner being the answers that had been in me all the time. In subsequent sessions she has continued to draw me out as far as things like goal setting, overcoming self-talk obstacles, and most of all always coming back to that life purpose statement and using that as a metric for decisions I make in every area of my life. I cannot recommend her highly enough as an executive coach for any organization that has high standards for skills, ethics, passion, and return on investment in coaching.” – Journalist/Writer
“Working with Elsie has been an incredible experience. She brings the perfect balance of lightness and wisdom to conversation, and by the end, I am always left with the feeling that something magical just happened. Elsie is gentle and perceptive, probing skillfully to uncover the significant elements of my story without getting caught up in details. I also find her expertly attuned to body, mood and emotions, and when she helps me identify what is driving me, I then see my choices more clearly. Elsie is also very creative in translating goals into concrete and doable actions. In brief, she coaches expertly and gracefully!” – Entrepreneur